Cardiff Indie Collective is a community of local independent businesses in and around Cardiff, Wales.

In order to compete with the big guns, us small businesses need to collaborate, pool our resources and help each other.

We are a small city with an incredible independent business scene – but how do we make sure that people can find us? How do we make our voices heard? How can we survive in the current climate?    


Cardiff Indie Collective is about that – collaboration, working together, getting your voice heard

Online directory: If people don’t know about your business, how will they find you? Our directory acts as a central hub so it makes it easier for shoppers who want to shop locally.

The reason Amazon is so popular is because it is convenient. We can be the local, independent equivalent to that.

Your own listing profile: You can add images, a video, a menu, events, discount codes, and links to your shop/social media etc. Customers can find you via the interactive map, or by browsing through categories, or using the search filters available.

Events: As well as advertising events on your own listing, we have a collective online events calendar which you can add events to.

Blog: Let your voice be heard! This blog is for you, the voice of local businesses – indie business of the week, events, announcements. Anything you want to say, let us know and you can have a post.

Loyalty card: A way to encourage consumers to pledge to shop local. This is optional but if you choose to take part, you can set your own discounts and special offers, and you will appear in more search filters.

Gift voucher: Also optional – customers can buy gift vouchers via this website and spend it with you.

Events for small businesses: We will be holding a range of events for members of the collective – if you would like to host any of them, please get in touch

  •  Workshops to help with business skills, such as photographing your product, web analytics, branding, and tax.

  • Social events such as networking, sole trader xmas party and other informal get togethers.

  • Collaborative events such as an arts trail, markets and ‘meet the maker’ events

  • Focus groups to make your voice heard on topics such as surviving covid, where the results of which will be passed on to the council & MPs.

A collective voice is often louder than an individual one, so together we can shout really loudly about the issues facing small businesses.

*All events will be in line with government restrictions and some may be online*


The more businesses we get on board, the stronger a force we will be.

The more variety we have, the less need there will be to shop elsewhere.  

The more people who know about the collective, the more likely you are to gain new customers.

So come and join us – tell everyone – bring your followers along for the ride and help introduce them to other small businesses– let’s make Cardiff a pioneering city for shopping locally.

Let’s work together, let’s stick together, let’s change the norm.

How do I sign up?  – create a profile by clicking ‘sign up’ in the top right corner and you will then be given the option to ‘add listing’. You can choose from 6 months membership for £30, or 12 months for £50