I’m an architect and artist based in Cardiff. I use my work to help others connect with the people and places they love. I do this by creating bespoke memory boxes and intricate drawings, inspired by my architecture training.

When making a memory box, I collaborate closely with people to discover objects that mean the most to them. I then curate and craft their treasures into a bespoke piece of art. Every box tells it’s own story and acts as a beautiful reminder of a special place, person or time in someone’s life.

Alongside my memory boxes, I use pen, ink and watercolours to create intricately detailed drawings of buildings and landscapes. From wedding venues, to individual’s homes and cityscapes to historical houses, I seek out the hidden details and reinterpret them to create stylish, meaningful prints.

Over the last two years, my work has featured on BBC Radio 4 and I’ve been commissioned by the likes of the National Trust, Microsoft, National Museum of Wales and Cardiff University.

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